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Practice - Learn - Improve Your Game


Easy to use interface

  • DD Dashboard - on the left, control what you want to see, where you want to see it. Choose from these Dashboard Items:
    • Poker Clock (blinds/antes/level/time)
    • Up Next (next blinds/antes)
    • When It's My Turn... (act in advance)
    • My Hand (your current best hand)
    • Pot Odds and Hand Strength
    • Improve Hand (odds to improve)
    • Calculator Tool
    • My Table and Rank
    • Advisor (AI advice)
    • Cheat Options (quick access)
  • 4 color deck, customize deck back and table color
  • Chat area displays player actions and hand results, like online poker rooms
  • Resize chat/dashboard/poker table
  • Cheat options (see below for details)

Advanced AI

  • DD Poker's computer players are based on a unique, advanced and tough AI
  • Customize the AI in relevant terms that describe characteristics of actual human players. For example:
    • Hand Selection criteria
    • Knowledge of Position and Pot Odds
    • Taking into account stack size
    • Susceptibility to chasing flushes and straights
    • Vulnerability to going on tilt and boredom
  • Advisor gives recommendations and rationale so you can understand why the advice is being given.



Practice Options

Practice playing in limit, pot limit and no limit hold'em tournaments like the 2005 World Championship.

You can select from 15 pre-defined formats and customize them to suit your needs or design one from scratch.

The game's tournament editor allows you to specify the buy-in amount, rebuys, add-ons, blinds/ante structure, level time limit and payout amounts. DD Poker can match pretty much any tournament you play.

Each tournament is summarized in easy-to-read tabs. You can export any table by right clicking on it and saving to a comma delimited file, easily readable by spreadsheets like Excel.

Computer Opponents - Artificial Intelligence

Is your goal to play better poker against computer opponents? Probably not. When was the last time you took a monster pot off of a robot? You're probably looking to improve your game against real people. If so, then it's important that you practice against computer players who play realistically.

Sound poker strategy is an important part of any worthy computer opponent, but the human players in a typical game rarely play that way. If you want to improve your chances in a real tournament, you don't need an opponent that can beat you as much as you need an opponent that can teach you. Rather than opponents who never go on tilt, who never throw their chips at you, and never grow tired or bored of the game, you need opponents who do all of those things, because that's exactly what real people do. Rather than advice on how to play a hand that's based on extensive and complex computations that you can neither fully understand nor perform in your head, you need advice explained in terms of simple concepts that you can apply at the table.

DD Poker's computer players do just this and more. You control them in terms you understand and they give you advice and the rationale behind it. Rather than simple recommendations like "fold", "check" or "bet", DD Poker's advisor will tell you that it took into account table position, the size of the your stack and the relative strength of your hand.


DD Poker works with you

DD Poker is extremely easy to use and has tons of options and features to allow you to play the game how you want to:

  • Run full screen or in a regular resizable window (good for playing at work). No other poker software on the market lets you resize the window (unbelievable in today's high-tech era!)
  • Within the window, you can resize the dashboard, chat area and poker table.
  • You don't need to use the mouse at all during the tournament. Each action is controlled by a key (for example, 'D' starts the deal.
  • There are no annoying pop-up windows for entering bets (an entry field is right on the main screen which is controlled by "spinner" buttons, a slider, the arrow keys and the mouse wheel).


Endless Options

Have fun playing poker using the DD Poker "cheat" options:

  • Show Cheat Popup's - Mouse click on any player to change their name, stack size, cards or even boot them from the tournament! Change AI type, move the button and more.
  • Show Winning Hand - Always display the hand that wins the pot.
  • Show Folded Hands - Show the hands of players that folded - see if your bluff worked!
  • Show Mucked Hands - Show the hands of players that called to the end, but lost and mucked.
  • Show All Community Cards - Find out what your hand would have made if you had stayed in.
  • Peek At Opponent's Cards - Sneak a peek at your opponents hands!
  • Computer Cards Face Up - If a peek won't do, just deal all AI cards face up.
  • Pause After Cards Dealt - Pause the game just after the deal, flop, turn and river cards to allow you to change cards or evaluate the situation before any betting occurs.
  • Don't Move Dealer Button - Keep the button where it is to practice playing a certain table position, like the big blind or under-the-gun.
  • Never Go Broke -If you ever go broke, you get 50% of the chips from the tournaments chip leader. They may not like that, but it's a computer player!

Besides the "cheat options", there are tons of preference settings you can use to control the tournament...

  • Show Large Cards - Choose whether to show standard playing cards or larger, easier to see cards.
  • Auto Deal - Automatically deal next hand after the current one finishes (pause time before deal customizable too).
  • Pause When All-in - Pause the action when all in and see your odds of winning, just like they show on TV.
  • Hole Cards Face Down - choose to have your hole cards face down. You can view them by passing your mouse over them. This allows you to practice memorizing your hand
  • Jump to End After Fold - speed along the tournament by jumping to the end of a hand when you fold (you don't have to watch the computer players finish their hand).
  • Always Allow Fold - If you have posted a big blind and no raises or the bet is checked around to you, it is silly to fold. The game will prevent you from doing this unless this option is on.
  • Hands Per Hour - define how many hands are played in an hour. This is used to control the rate of the tournament clock.
  • Time Delay - control the delay between computer player actions. Go slow so you can see the action as it happens or go fast to get in as many hands as you can.
  • Deck Design - choose from a variety of deck designs or customize it with your own image.
...to name a few. Just download the game (it's Free!) to see all the options at your disposal.


In Game Help

DD Poker has extensive online help explaining everything from the basics of the game to game strategy.

Get advice on poker etiquette and tips for hosting your own poker tournament.

You can view the in-game help here.